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01-31-2010, 18:25
For those of you who are also CZ fans.

I picked up a couple of these this weekend.
Czexy looking P-07 Duty on the cover.

Magazine is a combo Buyer's Guide and Catalog
like last year.

Like with my last 2009 catalog and from years before..
I'll be adding one of mine to my CZ Media Pack, that
will be for sale in a week or so...

A collection of CZ related magazines, CZ-USA catalogs, and new factory
catalogs, along with memorabilia that I've collected over the

You guys will get first shot (no pun intended) at buying it before GB.


Get to your local store and look for this Guns & Ammo produced 2010 gem.

01-31-2010, 21:47
Thanks for the info. :)