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02-01-2010, 07:30
I'll preface this by saying that I have had problems with the only Kahr pistol I ever purchased, a CW9. I still loved the gun for all of the reasons i initially purchased it and am more than willing to try again but want to be a little more informed this go-round. A local shop has 2 used Kahr .40cal pistols. One is a CW40 ($350 w/<100rds fired) and the other a PM40 ($499 unknown age). I know that the PM40's had some early growing pains. Can anyone tell me what to specifically look for on one of the early PM's and what date range or serial number range would be considered the "updated" PM40?

I can usually talk them down another 10% on used guns so I think I could potentially end up with a great gun at a great price if I play my cards right.

Thoughts? insights? cautions? experiences? ever been to a Turkish prison?

02-01-2010, 08:18
I believe the PM40 pains early on were hit or miss. I have a very early PM40 that has relatively flawless. (at 10000 rounds the return spring went bad) and a P40 covert that has been 100% flawless.

I would check for excessive wear and barrel peening.

I think a lot of folks got rid of the PM40 because they are a handful and you have to practice to get good with them.

Good luck.

02-01-2010, 09:58
Thanks DS, I just called the shop and got some more information on the PM. It's a WA66## serial number which puts it in the 2006 arena based on the serial number sticky. I'm thinking that may be a little old since it seems most changes were made 2007+. Also, the deal includes 1 mag only and no box. The CW40 is looking like the better deal at this point.

Maybe a CW40 covert in my future...

Caver 60
02-01-2010, 20:15
This thread is running right now along with your's.

Do a search. There's other threads also. Two problems with older ones seem to be broken followers and six plus one feeding problems. I think there's been some occasional peening issues also, but mines never had that problem.

Mines about 2 1/2, or more, years old.

02-01-2010, 21:46
Well, I did a lot of reading and research today then went back to the shop this evening. I voiced my concerns and the shop owner and I stripped the gun down to have a look. The hood of barrel looked as good as the barrel of a new CW9 that he had in stock. The exterior of the barrel showed very little to no wear and appeared to have been shot only a few hundred rounds. I based this on the fact that the shop had a used CW40 on hand that the owner knew for a fact had only 4 boxes of ammo fires through it before being traded for a CW9 (bought for a female, she didn't care for the recoil). The slide itself was pristine with only minor holster wear on the front site. The internals were in like-new condition with only minor finish wear where any could be found. If I had to guess I'd say this gun was carried some but shot very little. I saw no signs of peening and the feed ramp was highly polished. I reassembled and made sure I put the slide stop below the spring and we handcycled 2 magazines of ammo through the gun. It returned to battery 100% w/o ammo but would need a little help if it had ammo and I slowly lowered the slide. Dumping the slide with the slide lock or slingshotting the slide gave 100% return to battery as well. The firing pin safety worked great and the pin slid smoothly. Not much else I could check.

I decided to make an offer of $450 for the gun, 1 mag and the box. He accepted so I brought her home. I'm sitting here now with the gun stripped down while I polish the barrel and slide with stel wool. I am very happy with this purchase and plan on doing whatever it takes to make this relationship last. I had bad luck with my CW9 out of the box but this one is much smoother (read, broken-in) than the CW9 so I'm hoping for excellent reliability at the range tomorrow. I'll post some pictures up soon.

02-02-2010, 13:16
Here's a shot of the PM40 in a Tagua holster I picked up this morning. It's a perfect fit and the gun disappears under a polo shirt.

02-05-2010, 07:11
I put 100 rounds through my PM40 last night. It was an an indoor range and shooting that little snubbie in a tight lane really adds to the percussion. Aside from the "did someone just punch me in the nose?" feeling I got from every shot I truly enjoyed shooting it. At 20' I was able to keep a respectable group with the Federal 180gr ammo I was shooting. I shot a lot better with the lighter 155gr Magtech JHP magazine I shot and may stick with lighter ammo for carry. I tried two mags of "rapid fire" and found that the gun cycled fine but the grip was slick in my sweaty hands and wanted to "walk". I added a ghetto grip (bicycle innertube) when I got home and have much better purchase on the grip now. I Pearce extension may also be on the way today.

I am very pleased with my purchase and and cautiously optimistic that this will become my new EDC. I'll give it 200 more rounds then start toting her.