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02-01-2010, 07:33
Am going to get my Girl a Comp-Tac holster for her Taurus 24/7 - for the range... Would the FBI cant work better for the female form??


02-01-2010, 17:44
Am going to get my Girl a Comp-Tac holster for her Taurus 24/7 - for the range... Would the FBI cant work better for the female form??


I've not been doing this for very long, so I'm sure others would know better; but if the holster is just for range work, I would think a straight drop should be fine. I was under the impression that the FBI cant was for concealment purposes. So, if this is just for range work, it shouldn't matter.

Personally, under good advice, I got a Blade-Tech DOH to use for range work and IDPA. It wouldn't work for me for concealment, but I'm not "there" yet anyway.

Have you ASKED her what she wants?

02-08-2010, 15:38
I have helped many women cet holstered. It really depends on their body shape and how big the gun is. If that sounds like a cop-out, it is a little.

The vertical cant is going to stick out more if she is more hourglass shapped (i.e. her hips are too much bigger than her waist) so I would go with the FBI cant. But, if she has more of a boyish figure, the vertical cant is the way to go, usually (i.e. her hips are about the same size as her waist) beacuse she can get the gun just infront of or behind her hip and carry it more comfortable.

Having said all this, the CTAC and MTAC are REALLY adjustable and can usually be made to fit almost anyone with a little work. I would really think about the MTAC as well. I think they are more confortable and draw just as fast as the CTAC. The only real downside is tha they dont holster as fast until fitted to the gun some. I have both and prever the MTAC hands down.

02-16-2010, 19:02
It first helps if you understand the primary purpose of the cant.

The primary purpose of a cant is to hold the firearm in such a way and at such an angle that the shooter can get a full and positive grip and obtain a smooth and straight draw from a portion of the body where any other angle would NOT afford such an angle.

Or, in other words, take an unloaded firearm or a dummy gun, hold it in your strong hand like you would fire the gun and move it over the portion of the body where you would like to carry. The natural angle of the firearm while in your hand with a good shooting grip is the "cant" at which your holster should be on that portion of the body to provide the fastest and smoothest draw.

Cant has everything to do with where on the body the holster is located.

If she is going to be carrying strong side, the best is straight up and down, behind the hip is an FBI cant, etc.

I agree that Comp Tacs holsters are very adjustable so you can try many different holster positions and therefore many different cants.

02-21-2010, 19:52
I love the Comp-tac holsters! I personally like the inside the waistband though. They are more adjustable and make concealment slightly easier. I have both the C-Tac and the Infidel.

02-22-2010, 11:42
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