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02-02-2010, 15:21
Is there pros/con for haveing both the front and rear sight green? or rear sight yellow and front sights green? I want the rear/yellow front/green but they are about $10 more and dont know if its worth it.
Also are these really noticeable at night? Thanks

02-02-2010, 16:20
I like a plain black rear with a tritium front, however if I were to have 3 dot's there's no way they would be the same color.

02-02-2010, 17:43
I like yellow rear/green front. In lowlight when I go to aim I just have to look for 1 green dot. I shoot the pistol enough that the sights are roughly aligned anyway. If I need a more accurate shot, the yellows are there. I use the Ameriglo Operators b/c you can get them yellow/green and they don't have the white outlines on the rear sight.