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02-05-2010, 08:44
So a couple months ago I bought a new Savage 10FCPXP in .308. I have had it a couple months so now it's time to get something new. (That's the way I roll) Probably just a barrel swap will curb the itch for a while. I want to go to some sort of 6.5mm bullet. I came across Pac-Nor barrels. They seem to be a little more expensive but they offer a polygonal twist.

Does anyone else have a polygonal twist? Are they all that and a bag of chips? Or are they a passing fad that will blow over.

I am envisioning longer barrel life, faster cleaning, etc... A lot like a glock barrel where it has been said that they can't be "shot out".

Any truth to all this anecdotal rhetoric? Or is it all a sales pitch?

02-05-2010, 19:20
Rifle barrels don't wear out the same way that pistol barrels do. Rifle barrels typically erode at the throat which gradually degrades accuracy while pistol barrels wear a bit more evenly throughout the rifling.

I don't believe that a polygonal rifle barrel will offer much in the way of added longevity over standard rifling. It might be easier to clean and might offer slightly higher velocities in a given barrel length.