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02-05-2010, 13:54
Has anyone here built a AK from a kit. I was looking at my next project and found a few kits online. I have access to a fixture for bending the receivers. Was curious as to what to expect from these kits or if anyone has a recomendation on a kit. Thanks--

02-05-2010, 16:23
I have built 5 to date.
4 Romy 'G's (2@1979, 1@1982, 1@1986), and one Yugo M70 milled re-weld.
The Romy 'G's would be my first choice as their barrels are chrome lined, and most of them have seen very few rounds down the pipe.
If you can, pick up a numbers matching kit with original barrel. This way you avoid having to head space the rifle. Since it was once a complete rifle it was head spaced at the factory. When you press the barrel back in just line up the barrel pin hole, and it's all good.
These kits are becoming more scarce, and you might be able to find one with a new US made barrel. Realize this counts for more work pressing, drilling, and pinning the FSB, Gas block, and rear sight base to the new barrel. You must also align all of them (simple method involves putting a long rod through each, and leveling out the rods to each other). You may also have to drill a gas port hole on a new barrel. Important it be the correct size, and you don't run the bit into the bottom of the interior of the barrel when drilling.
As for what to expect......cosmoline (if you're lucky), and rust if you're not. Perhaps a mixture of both.
Also expect to be building rivet jigs if doing a rivet build (modified bolt cutter for front trunnion, and backing plate for trigger guard, rear trunnion).
Expect to press out the barrel, and press it back in as well (20 ton press, gear puller or big hammer, and brass or copper stock to come out. 20 ton press, all-thread method or in my case woodworking bench vice to press back in).
Expect to use a grinder, dremel, and (your best friend during any build) a set of needle files.
Expect to heat treat your new ejector, and FCG pin holes with mapp gas.
Expect to refinish or replace furniture, and refinish the metal (barrel, trigger guard, etc).
Expect to learn the federal, state, and local laws on home built firearms better than most cops.
Expect to curse a bit at some things, bleed a bit, and have a blast of a time.
Some of my re-builds:





And my pride, and joy accomplishment>>>http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1164512

Have fun building,

02-05-2010, 18:46
Thanks for the info Nico- great looking work and rifles.
I have most of the equipment. I am a journeyman machinist and have access to a omplete machine shop for any jigs and fixtures to build. Anyone else