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02-06-2010, 17:22
I am shopping around for an 870 tactical.

Here is an ad I found on

$550 As title states: This is an unfired Remington 870 with a Surefire LED forearm attachment, breaching muzzle, ghost ring sight and picatinny rail for mounting optics, side saddle, and GG&G single point sling attachment. This is a sturdy all around shotgun. Price is firm and reasonably priced as you will pay twice as much on Gunbroker dot com.

I think its a good deal but how much of a good deal?

02-06-2010, 21:16
The fore end is worth almost as much as the shotgun.

It looks like the 870 Express HD model, which usually sells for about $350 new, and the fore end is $290 at Optics Planet.

So you could get it new for $640 plus tax and any dealers fees.

02-06-2010, 21:27
The only thing I am not jazzed about is the chintzy little ghost ring aperture on the back. One wrong bump and it looks like it could get broken off easily? It would be nice if it had protective wings like the LPA's or other GRS Ive seen on Remingtons.

angels and glocks
02-06-2010, 23:06
I would have bought it if I didn't already buy the same model 2 weeks ago. I paid 425 + tax + shipping and DROS fee's for mine. That's an excellent deal IMO.

Rem 870 Express Tactical = $425
Surefire = $290
Sidesaddle = $25
Sling Attachment = $20

= $760 new

angels and glocks
02-06-2010, 23:09
Rephrase, not excellent, but better than average.