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02-06-2010, 21:00
I have an old Chicago Cutlery (I think) small (just under 3") paring knife with wooden handles. The blade shape is just like a small filet knife, and even though I have a set of VERY expensive Henkel knives, they don't offer one with a blade shape like this one. I mailordered what I thought was a new one from Chicago Cutlery with grips similar to our other set, but the blade is noticeably bulkier.

So (to make a long story slightly shorter) what I want to do is "regrip" my old knike. I know that this is economically stupid, but I REALLY love this old knife. Does anyone know anybody who might do this for a reasonable amount, or can you guide me to a source of materials and instructions so that I can possibly do it myself?

Legion Etrangere
02-07-2010, 00:36
Call Smokey Mountain Knife Works. They are in your state and may know a knife maker near you that can do the job. Good luck.