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02-07-2010, 08:35
Can anyone give me info on the new mini 14 with folding stock ? I thinks its an ati stock. It has acc. rails & 6 pos colaspable stock. Are they good guns ? Are they fairly accurate ? Are they made well ? Better than an AR?

02-07-2010, 17:48
I have a Mini-14 all weather with stainless steel and Black Synthetic.
Not quite what you are interested in.
But.... I love the rifle. It's more accurate than I am and very dependable.

A few years ago Ruger completely redesigned the Ranch Rifle and they got it right IMHO.

Accuracy. Not me, my younger son the Spec 4 in the Army was hitting 100 meter groups of less than 4 inches. I can't see 100 meters.

It's a short piston gas operated rifle. How does this compare to the AR? Well, I have never been a fan of direct impingement. I go back to the first M-16 for my views. Look at all the new AR style rifles that are going to some kind of piston action these days. That has to tell you something.
Direct impingement puts all the gases and carbon into the action. The Mini-14 puts the gunk in front of the piston and keeps the action clean.

The Mini-14 has the safety where God and John Browning wanted it to be. In front of the trigger guard.

I shoot a lot of IDPA and USPSA side shoots and the number of times shooters have trouble with their AR-15s? A lot.
My Mini-14? Just keeps cycling.

02-09-2010, 00:13
Roger that on the Mini 14, I sold my AR I do miss it but I don't miss cleaning it, bought the sts,syn. Ranch Rifle put a red dot scope on it great shooter and low maint.:cool:

02-10-2010, 19:50
I have a Stainless Mini-14 Ranch model for trade in the firearms listing section...

Rex G
03-06-2010, 23:40
"Better than an AR" could start a major fight on some forums, but this being the Ruger forum, I guess not many AR folks are reading. I do like my two Minis for what they are, and also have an Colt HBAR upper mounted on an S&W M&P15 lower. I prefer the handling characteristics of a Mini over an AR, including the location of the safety, and the lower line of sight over bore axis. As its HBAR designation implies, my AR is for long-range shooting.

When I can afford an optic, I will let y'all know if a Mini is accurate. My eyes are hitting that age when front sights grow fur.

03-07-2010, 13:47
When I can afford an optic, I will let y'all know if a Mini is accurate. My eyes are hitting that age when front sights grow fur.

Thanks for the laugh. I'm of that age too but never heard that expression.

03-11-2010, 00:27
The 5846 is a decent gun considering the price range is around 640.00.

03-27-2010, 06:17
Mini's have a barrel that tends to lose accuracy after they heat up. How hot, I don't know. But that is the common belief. I have a stainless ranch that can shoot all day and still keep a good pattern. But I think my ar's are a little better. But you won't see me giving up my mini any time soon.