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View Full Version : Colt law-enforcement discount program?

02-07-2010, 17:36
I mentioned I might want something in a patrol-rifle AR platform and a friend mentioned that he thought Colt might have a LEO discount program.

Can anyone confirm or deny? Details or website would be good. My Google-fu is VERY weak today.

Wild Gene
02-07-2010, 20:31
Doesn't directly answer your question BUT: Check with your Departments supplier or call Colt directly Tel: 1-800-241-2485. You never know till you ask, and not all dealers will tell you if they do. I had no idea I could get a discount on a Glock untill I spoke with a dealer that was more LEO oriented.

02-08-2010, 13:02
They do. A buddy just ordered the LE M4 version for $1049. Some nice upgrades on the LE version from what he tells me...