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02-07-2010, 23:44
I have one in .308. Crap p.o.s. won't stabilize anything but 125 grain bullets and believe me i'v tried every suitable .308 powder on the market as well at the BEST (BERGER MATH) bullets in 155 grain, Sierra 180's hornady 150 SST and can't get better than three inches.
DPMS teels me the rifle in finicky and that's the way it goes with some rifles.
I've read about every "back rifle" forum on the web and they are full of stories with problems with DPMS from lack of accuracy and jaming ( I'm speaking of the AR10 version.)
I've sent if ack twice now complaining of accuracy. They tell me the rifle shoots 125 grain bullets well enough, then ask what more do I want?
Well the .308 should be at it's best with 150 and heavier bullets thats why.
Whats up with DPMS, the tout themselves and being the 2nd largest producers of black rifles on the planet.
I guess they might be but they sure don't build a good one in .308.

02-07-2010, 23:51
The DPMS is a LR308, the Armalite is an AR10.
Lots of differances, and double the cost.
From my past esperience, sell the DPMS LR308 and get a Knights or an Armalite

02-08-2010, 07:32
I had the same problems with my LR308. I also tried several combinations of known-good bullets and powders (varget, 168SMK's etc). My average group size was 2" @ 100 yds. I eventually had the compensator removed and the barrel re-crowned. When that didn't work I sold it and bought an Armalite AR10T. Waiting for an optic but I'm confident that solved the problem.

02-08-2010, 09:17
DPMS's ARs are not all that great (OK truth be told I think they're crap), but the LR308 usually works pretty well. Sounds like you got a lemon. I've seen many at or under an inch. If they won't stand behind it I would consider selling it. You could look into Fulton or GAP building you an upper. Both of those should go well under an inch and have all the custom features you could want. Sell off the upper and have one built if you want to stick with the LR platform which is probably a good choice based on the Magpul mags-Norcal911

02-08-2010, 11:50
will armalite upper work on a DPMS lower?

02-08-2010, 12:24
will armalite upper work on a DPMS lower?


02-08-2010, 12:32
I've had the Panther Sportical carbine for about a year now. Love it!

02-08-2010, 22:48
I have an LR243 that has been rebarreled to .308 and is actually decent. It does seem to prefer high-quality ammo though---it likes the Winchester "white box" ball, but my old Norinco stuff doesn't feed well.

02-09-2010, 02:58
I've heard lots about problems/QC rumors lately--especially factory mags, but all my experiences with the 308s have been good. Really weird about the 125gr bullet thing--that is the first I've heard of anything like that and weirder still that they'd say that. I mostly shoot 168gr hornady/sierra reloads and prvi.

Have you posted your problems in the DPMS's industry forum on Arfcom or DPMS's site's forum? I realize that they might not guarantee accuracy, but based on what I've read there I think they would do something if there is something shady going on with your rifle. It could elevate things in a different, maybe better direction. I'd only talk about factory ammo.

I'd be interesting in following the response. Really weird.