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02-11-2010, 00:54
I have 686 cs1 in 3". I read today on another forum that Janet Reno detroyed 1500 of them during her term. Ive never seen one around my home area in gun shops or at gun show. I have seen them on gunbroker rarely.
I'm looking for a little more history and wondering if anyone could point me in a better direction. There is little info on the web. I would appreciate any help.
History can be interesting

02-11-2010, 17:17
They were sold around the mid 90s for around $280 to $300. They are sought after as collectibles but I sold mine since I did not like the floating hand in it and got a better shooter for the money.

02-19-2010, 23:44
yep, they were made in the early 90's for US Customs agents and actually came in 3" and 4" but all were round butt and matte stainless finish. I have only seen 3" versions and they are an incredible package. The 3" is a very happy medium for those wanting a compact gun with extra heft compared to the Model 19, and a little more concealable due to the round butt and short bbl. Nice find, they will bring a little more dough than a standard 2.5" or 4" 357 "L" frame.