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02-13-2010, 14:26
Got to the range today to try out the new L.W. Barrel with the G36.

Fit to gun: seems to be perfect. no issues

First mag: factory 230 gr. FMJ - worked perfect, no issues

Second mag: reloads, 230 gr. Rainier Plated
- first round chambered and fired great
- second round jammed into the bottom of the barrel, FTF
- cleared it and resumed, balance fired well

Third mag: reloads, Zero Brand bullet, 230 gr LRN - worked perfect, no issues

4th mag: back to factory 230 gr - perfect no issues

5th mag: back to Rainier Plated, again, 2nd round jammed, cleared
- continued to shoot, 2nd round jammed again

6th mag: Zero Brand again - no issues, perfect

I shot some more after this; didn't keep track. Shot the factory stuff and the Zero 230 gr stuff with no issues. Did not go back to the Rainier.

Detail of the Rainier jam:
the bullet was lodged right up against the ramp of the barrel. These bullets are pretty soft. the bullet was catching neatly and cleanly on the bottom fourth of the bullet. Load detail: 4.0 gr Bullseye; col 1.256". Note on this load: works great in the Glock factory barrel and works great in all my 1911s.

I need to figure out how to make this bullet work, as it is a joy to handle and reload, clean, neat, pretty. Not sure if I should change the col and not sure which way to change it. (now I have something to do tonight)

Another note: almost forgot: my reload 185gr Lead SWC didn't work at all, but they didn't work in the Glock factory barrel either. Haven't experimented much with this bullet in the Glock, cause I like the 230 RN variety so much.

edit ==> the accuracy seems to be excellent at 10 yards. Didn't stretch it out, as that was not the purpose of today's visit

02-14-2010, 05:11
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