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02-13-2010, 15:35
Well, I took my new RIA 1911 out to the range yesterday to finally shoot it and i'm impressed by it. I have shot a friend's Kimber and my dad's auto ordnance 1911s and i really must say i LIKE the RIA. It feels good, I had no jams, misfeeds, or issues of any kind. I shot just plain cheap blazer brass 45acp. The only problem that I did have with it was the Surefire 310r actually came off after about 100rds. The pin slipped out. That sucked, but it wasn't a problem with the gun, but with the light.



There she is...in all her affordable 1911 glory...

02-13-2010, 15:51
Congrats! RIA makes a great 1911, especially for the money. I have a few and love them.

02-13-2010, 16:49
Yep. Shot my Tactical today. 100 flawless rounds. I did change the recoil spring to a new Wolff 16#, and the firing spring since I bought it used and it felt a little soft. Still, it shot fine with the old, and the new spring.
Great gun, great value.:supergrin: