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Airborne Infantryman
02-13-2010, 18:30
.......this is my very first 1911.....a trip to the local gunshop which stocks lots of 1911 parts, made it very apparent that modding, or repairing the 1911 pistols are cheap, and easy. I like that a mainspring housing is only $20 for a steel checkered 30 LPI.

Anyway, I've done nothing mechanical to it yet, but I did replace the grip panels with Hogues, and replaced the god-awful grip screws with hex-headed ones that are blued. It looks good so far; I do want a magwell though, and would like to replace the checkered plastic MSH with one of those 2-in-1 mainspring housing/magwells.....I think its made by a company called Smith & Alexander. Do MSHs require any fitting? If so, what does that task entail? Thanks for any input! :wavey:


02-13-2010, 19:06
The only time I've installed a S&A magwell on one of my guns, a Colt Officer's ACP, it was a simple drop in. Took about 10 minutes (not really, but a friend was showing me how to to do this and he was commenting alot). No adjustment needed. I have read elsewhere that occasionally, some adjustment is necessary.

02-14-2010, 08:39
I've got the same RIA and recently changed the following:
Skate board tape on the front strap
Full length guide rod with buffer
New recoil spring (16#)
New extra power firing pin spring
VZ thin grips
Stainless hex head grip screws

With the thinner grips I like the feel of the main spring housing. I may replace it with a metal one though later.