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02-13-2010, 21:42
As many G36 owners in the world that are out there... Why in the world would Glock not make a "extra" capacity round magazine like a 10 round or 15 round or even a 30 round ...I know the 30 would be way too long but a 10 round single stack for a backup mag would still be just right... one of the main reasons I went and bought a G39 in 45GAP is so I could carry 6+1 with the G37's 2 / 10 round mags for backup.... I know that 27 rounds of 45GAP would most likely never be needed but I like the option. I've owned a G36 for 5 years ...I thought one day glock would throw us G36 owners a bone and make a single stack 45ACP big brother gun and we could use its mags but so far no cigar. What do ya think about this and or is there G36 mags out there somewhere in the world I dont know about ???? The plus one thing I dont do cause the grip just grew a 1/2 inch and the spring was not designed for it, can't put my life on an alteration like that.

the perfesser
02-15-2010, 22:13
To each his own re the Pearce +1 extension. I have several, and my only occasional problem is racking the slide on the full seven rounds. And that is not a practical problem, because if ever the SHTF I plan to load the +1 mag only from slide lock as a reload when the 6-round mag has been shot empty.

Otherwise I have experienced no feeding or ejection problems with the +1 mag.

03-06-2010, 01:18
I dont think a 9 or 10 magazines are a must but I would love to see someone make a 8, 9 or 10 round mag for the 36. I would like to see the +1 have a baseplate like the factory base plate

03-06-2010, 05:14
The Factory mag with the Pearce +1 is pretty long. I couldn't imagine a 10rd mag, It would be ridiculously long. I carry my G36 stock 6+1 and I carry a G36 mag with a Pearce +1(with Wolff spring)
If you plan on using the +1 extenstions.....Get the Wolf power springs. My G36 would not run with a +1 extension without the springs.

03-06-2010, 18:38
i just purchased the wolff springs for my G36. I just installed my pearce +1 extension and noticed that when i load the 1st round or 2 the spring is not hard . so i ordered the wolff +10% springs off their website. i got the 3 pak one. cant wait to get them and in the magazine.

how much of a difference in the spring pressure of the wolff +10% springs compared to the stock ones?