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02-14-2010, 15:23
I've narrowed my binocular choice to these two (maybe?). I'm looking for an 8x32mm class bicocular in the $300 range. Anyone have any experience with these models? Thanks. I posted this in the hunting forum but they don't get much traffic.

unit 900
02-15-2010, 18:21
I've got the 8x42 Monarchs and couldn't be more pleased. I did a lot of research when I bought them, and feedback from users was almost universally positive.

02-15-2010, 18:36
I just went through this. The Monarchs 8 x 42s are considered "the" set to have in the sweet spot $200-$500 range. Most forums (optics planet, Amazon, etc) rank them high

I own the Nikon Monarch ATBs (BTW, you shouldn't pay anywhere near $300 for them...with a $50 rebate Nikon was running last October I paid less than $180) and am pleased with them.....that said.

I think the Leupold Yosemite 8x30 are the best value on the market to my eyes....shop around and you can pick them up for less than $100 and still get the Monarchs with your $300 price tag. I'm still shocked at how clear mine are.

I've used the Monarchs off my deck in the summer and notice the edges of the field of vision are "blurry." I know the Monarchs have problems with quality control (I read a lot of forums and this seems to be a common theme); I don't think my set is bad but I have yet to come up with an explaination.

At dusk the Monarchs (again to my eyes) become better; I've tried to use them for some star watching (which I know they aren't specifically designed for) and can't say I've been blown away-looking at a full moon was impressive.

I've kept my Monarchs because of what Unit 900 said--everyone raves about them...yet I can't figure out why? I've looked through Swarovskis...those blew me away...but at $1800 they are way out of my price range.

Honestly, I think my eyes must be funky. Between the models you proposed, I would get the Nikons. Do not sell the Yosemites short though. They are meant for smaller hands, I think Leupold markets them as a kid's glass, but to me for the price they are darn near perfect.

02-18-2010, 11:49
they are very clear and contrast well. what are you using them for? i have some in stock, give me a call, i'll answer any questions you have