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View Full Version : Width of Front Meprolight Tru Dot Glock Sight?

02-15-2010, 15:01
Can someone please tell me the width of the front sight on a Meprolight Tru Dot Glock night sight 9/40/357 set?
(Trying to figure out what ratio I'm running so I can duplicate it on a few other guns...)


(started this thread in general glocking a few days ago and it got closed without any info from any of the mods... still need the info though...)

09-27-2011, 19:17
Front and rear sight width anybody?

09-27-2011, 20:04
I measured them and the front blade is a ridiculously fat .160" and the rear notch is .140" which is too narrow... Probably explains why the Mepros always win in the threads asking what's the brightest night sights... Yeah, the vials are huge and they sure are bright, but, the ratios are total s**t as far as serving their purpose as a set of handgun sights, in anything other than complete darkness they're next to useless, I threw my set in the trash long ago.

A set of all-black Ameriglo Defoor sights with a .115" front and .150" rear notch are less than $30 at cheaperthandirt and I'd take them 100 times over tritium sights with crap ratios. IMO carry a quality flashlight when you carry your pistol, night sights are NOT a necessity, identifying your target IS.