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02-15-2010, 18:46
Well, finally got out to shoot my DDM4 today. With all the snow and rain I've had no opportunities but today I said screw it up and went out. Came back wet, cold, and very happy :supergrin:

DD ran perfect! Put 450rds of nasty, dirty steel cased ammo through it with zero problems. I wasn't in a position to shoot from a bench, but with a few clicks on the front post I was putting a couple inch groups from 33yrds standing, so not bad. After I got familiar with the DDM4 I ran through a few mags doing double taps and 3 shot burst drills. Almost zero felt recoil and very smooth action. At the end of the day I had some skeet clays, so I set them up in a row and took each of them out one shot at a time, very happy with the results.

All in all, rifle performed perfect. No hiccups to speak of and very accurate out of the box. They claim they sighted it in at the factory at 30yrds, while not exact, damn close!

very happy with this rifle and can't wait to pick up a case of ammo to hit a carbine class soon. Hopefully this snow will stay away for a bit, let the ground thaw out so I can get in some more prone shooting; that got cold real quick.

Sorry no pics, didn't have a chance to take any...I promise though, it happened even though there aren't pics:supergrin:

02-15-2010, 19:16
Glad you like your DD, I have the same one, just put an eotech on it. I really like the rifle, for the price I think its a good deal.

Range Rat
02-15-2010, 19:56
The double taps and three shot drills sound like a lot of fun. Congratuations on your fine rifle.