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Glock30 Guy
02-18-2010, 15:37
Well after much research and thought, I decided to buy a new 1911 Kimber Eclipse Ultra II. My 2nd .45 and first 1911. :supergrin: I looked at about 10 different models and it was such a tough decision. My goal was to get another 45 but smaller and easier to conceal than my G30. I read lots of pros and cons about Kimber and these 3" models in particular. There seemed to be issues with feeding using the Kimber mags and a few other issues brought up by a small percentage of people. I guess there will always be issues with anything manufactured and you are more likely to see the negatives posted rather than the thousands without issues. To offset that feeding issue, I bought a few extra mags from Kimber and a few from Wilson to see for myself what happens. I also read that due to extreme tightness in these metal frames, you need to run 400-500 rounds of ball ammo thru it before it becomes broken in. This is an expensive gun and I hope it makes me proud. I will report any issues I run into.

Tactical black
02-18-2010, 15:37
Congrats! Enjoy:wavey:

02-19-2010, 11:48

02-19-2010, 20:09
Congrats !