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02-18-2010, 16:34
Picked up my two new (to me at least) full size Glocks today. I am not a big fan of the finger grooves on Glocks and have been saving my pennies for a full size 2nd gen G20. I had been keeping my eyes peeled on Gunbroker for the G20, and found one that is in immaculate shape for $399. The same week I also found a Detroit PD G22 that had a price that was too good to pass up...$350 delivered with three 15 round mags.

Anyways, just picked them up from the Pawn Shop I use for FFL transfers. Got them home, cleaned em up, and decided to take some pics. The G20 looks like it has maybe had a box of rounds through it. The G22 had typical duty wear, but it is still in much better shape than I expected. I found a G23 about a year ago that was a Maryland State Police issue and it looks as though it had been thrown from a moving car.

Angry Fist
02-18-2010, 18:34
SWEET!! Welcome to the 10mm Club!!!:cool: There's a market for PD issue Glocks...:whistling:

02-18-2010, 21:46