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View Full Version : rat knives izula or hideaway knife for edc?

02-19-2010, 06:35
I have looked at both of these and like them both, they will mainly be used for utility and they're in the same price range. I like the utility design of the hideaway.
Also I was trying to find a folder that carries deep in the pocket, as in the handle doesn't pop out of the pocket, sort of like the sog trident assisted opeining (I own one of these but I'm weary of the durability of assisted openers) So anyway I would like to look at some different models that carries like this w/o the assisted opening.

02-19-2010, 14:17
I have the Izula can't say enough good about it, thicker blade then I thought.. really nice.............. forever warranty.. no matter what..

Do you carry tip up or down, if down then a kershaw skyline will work I bring this up because as of right now it is my favorite edc, its got a 3"+ blade its thin, g10 handles, 2.4oz and has super fast deployment.. best of all can be had for $30-35..

but if you carry tip up like me the handle sticks out a little further then I like, but I've been living with it..

otherwise a spyderco persistence is a close second, a little more weight, thick short blade, conceals nicely and is in same price range.. I have a problem spending more then $60 on edc as I'm really hard on my knife........

02-21-2010, 19:40
thanks... I'll have to give that spydie a look... I like spyderco and I normally carry tip up... I was looking at the native but I don't know how they carry.
Not a big fan of kershaw I got a zt 0300 as a gift (which was nice) but I wasn't as impressed w/ it as I thought I would be.