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02-19-2010, 10:30
Ok so I see alot of info on LPK's, but the other pieces parts get left off of build plans. Is a mil-spec m4 stock tube, a mil-spec m4 stock tube, a mil-spec m4 stock tube, or are there differences. Also other than the discription of H-buffer and the springs, are the internals of the stock anything to put thought behind.
I am looking at getting the palmetto state armory lbk, but want to be sure that the tube is a excellent one before I pay a gunsmith to put it on and stake it for me(first build so I am going to have a gunsmith give the whole rifle a once over).
Are there any other companies that offer a package deal like Palmetto state armory that you guys use?

02-19-2010, 12:04
There are differences in some milspec receiver extensions...the ones you see selling for $20-$25 are nothing more than "commercial" extensions that are "milspec" in size. I'm not sure what brand Palmetto is putting in their lower build kits. Might give them a call and see who they get the extensions from.

02-19-2010, 12:15
They're probably not all created equally (although I've never read much on the subject) but if you buy a VLTOR, Magpul, BCM, or LMT complete kit (or any known high quality mfr) you're going to get top of the line. If you are planning on getting, say, a Magpul MOE stock just get the complete kit from Magpul with the tube and such.

02-19-2010, 12:28
The cheap ones are extruded and the good ones are forged... this can be in either Mil-Spec or commercial dimension.

There must be a list out there somewhere...

I have one Stag M4 type and one Stag A2.

02-19-2010, 12:30
the parts used in the build are
(1) DSA Inc. 6 Position Mil Spec Buffer Tube
(1) CMMG CAR Stock Lock Ring/ Castle Nut
(1) CMMG CAR Stock Latch Plate
(1) CMMG Carbine Buffer Assembly
(1) CMMG Carbine Buffer Spring
the stock it self if MAGPUL CTR, with DD a lpk or MAGPUL MOE with cmmg lpk
Is it worth while to just buy the kit and replace the buffer assembly and spring, or should I buy the parts seperately and spend more on a buffer tube (better yet how can the tubes differ?)?

02-19-2010, 18:20
The DSA extension is milspec in size only............it's the $25 one that I mentioned.

02-19-2010, 18:50
And the brands make a difference? It seems like its just a tube. But I guess I'll spend the extra 20 and get the BCM kit. Now if they only had stag lpks in stock

02-19-2010, 20:44
Yes the brands make a difference. Like I said the DSA "milspec" extension is "milspec" in size only, not in the material used or the process of making it. Chances are you'll never have a problem with it, but for me I'll stick with a LMT or Colt if I can.