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02-21-2010, 20:12
What websites sell NJ legal AK47s?

I've found a single stack AK that is NJ legal at classicarms.us, but I'd prefer a double stack.

02-21-2010, 21:38
Hello fellow jersey resident! Your best bet is to go to a PA gun show and find a mak90 or a wasr10. eagle arms in PA puts on a bunch of great guns shows and they often have wasr's at their own table. last show they had about 4 of them, they were going for $350 with 5 ten round mags. they are really great, right out of the box the sights were perfectly zeroed and run like champs. check out their website for gun show listings, they worth the drive! http://www.eaglearms.com/ the split rock and rodeway inn shows are my favorites. split rock is HUGE and easy to get to, right down the road from pocono speedway. it usually has the most tacti-cool stuff too.

02-21-2010, 22:42
How does one buy a rifle in PA and bring it back to NJ? Does it have to be taken to an ffl? Any info you can give me, would be great.

Also, a NJ legal AK can't have a bayonette lug if it has a pistol grip, right? Info on this would be very helpful also.

02-25-2010, 16:09
Buy it from a dealer and they will do a NICS check and a certificate of eligabilty form just the same as a local nj sale. as long as it dosnt have a bayonet lug, flash hider or slant break, folding stock and 15 rnd mag or less, it's liberal hippie approved and your good to go. stay away from parking lot sales, you want to have the proper, lagit paper work to cover your ass so you know the gun isn't hot. call eagle arms to see if they have anymore wasr's, they were going like hotcakes. and go to a show you'll have fun.