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02-22-2010, 15:39
The new BCM 16" SS Mid length upper arrived! Also received an ammo shipment.

All I need now is the Midwest rail and a lower and it's off to the range!

02-22-2010, 15:51
titles a little misleading. I can understand the piecing it together part tho.

02-22-2010, 15:55
I don't consider it a build...Just pinning the upper/lower together.

It''s my first one though and just figuring out how to install the BCG and charging handle took me a few minutes...

02-22-2010, 18:47
And the Midwest Industries drop in rail took a few more, but it locks up solid. I think I'm going to have to get a hand guard removal tool for maintenance.

02-22-2010, 19:02

02-22-2010, 19:08
It's not a huge pain with a bit of practice...but I did get one of those tools and it's nice when I'm in a hurry. I have their SS barrel - a 16" middy also, with a DD Lite 12" rail. I put a PWS TTO compensator on it, and run it with a Young NM chrome heavy bolt, MagPul ACS stock, Geissele hi-speed match trigger, and a Spike's Tactical tungsten powder buffer (I think they call them T2s or something). I mentioned those other components because they affect accuracy to some extent, but the main point is that I sighted it in faster than I have ever sighted anything in - put an EoTech on it, a couple of adjustments and I had several shots hitting the same hole at 50 yards. This was standing in sub-freezing temperatures, sandbags for rest. Especially so early in the life of the barrel (and with a 2 moa reddot), I was rather impressed (not to mention I don't consider myself any outstanding marksmen, although I have some experience). They told me when I ordered "You're gonna love it - it's one accurate barrel." So far, so good.


02-22-2010, 19:15
Wow...that sounds like a sweet setup. I really wanted to put a trigger in, but just couldn't come up withe coin at the moment, I figured get a good barrel and lower and go from there.

Bill Springfield isn't too far away and he does while you wait trigger jobs and has a good reputation from what I've heard, I need an excuse to drive down there anyway.

All I need now is the lower, I've heard it takes two weeks to receive from the time they receive the order, (BCM) which would have been about last Thursday.

I knew this route would take the longest, versus purchasing a complete carbine, which I almost did. LMT Sopmod or DDM4, but I really do want that extra bit of accuracy, so I hope mine does as good as yours. And I hear nothing but good things about the Mid length.

Pics? I'm trying to figure out how to do that.

02-22-2010, 19:53

Not the best photographer...first attempt

02-22-2010, 19:54 worked!

Wife came home from work and caught me taking photo's of I had some explaining to do. I told her she'll really enjoy shooting it. She thinks it's weird taking photo's of half a gun.

02-22-2010, 20:42
Tell her it's for insurance purposes?

You are on the 'right' track much earlier than I was. I started into "ARs" with a Sig556, which is fine, but not really an AR - the interchangeability and modifiability of ARs is more what I'm into. So then I bought a Bushmaster - still haven't shot it (got a great deal on it, though, and have made some mods to it). Then I did a 'cheapie' build, just to see if I could do it - yep, but nothing special. I shot that a good deal, though, and started finding out what I really wanted for a setup, and got into 3-gun. Then when I started looking into putting a free-float rail on, decided I could either buy the tools and do it right or buy a nice upper - hence the BCM SS middy. Then I figured I might as well build it into my current idea of the rifle I wanted for 3-gun, so I got the BCG and stock. Already had the grip and trigger, switched them out from my previous go-to gun. I ended up with high-end components because I had made a few re-purchases when I thought I'd try the cost-effective route - which turned out to be less than cost effective because I ended up buying the more expensive stuff anyway.

I am a big fan of grips and triggers set up just right for me, hence the rite-pull (a grip extension that puts my fingertip right on the trigger, and I can just barely stretch my finger out comfortably and reach the BAD lever and mag release).

I have read very positive reviews here of Bill Springfield's trigger work - I suppose you can get eactly what you want if you know how to communicate it to him. It's hard to drop the better part of $300 on a trigger, but I wanted something very reliable as well as adjustable, light, fast and crisp, and I have heard too many horror stories about other very nice triggers breaking (not Springfield's work). I have heard a lot of good things about the American Gold from people I have met in 3-gun, plus that's a drop-in, which I think would be nice.

Triggers and handguards really strike me as painfully expensive - I did them on one setup, so now I should be good for a long while. Bolts and barrels and receivers seem like they'd be the more expensive parts, but what do I know? I guess the cost of the trigger made it easy to spend the two bills on a BCG - seems like steal, comparatively. I am glad that Magpul came up with some nice, inexpensive components that really let me set the gun up the way I wanted. I feel like I have something that I can run for a long time without wondering or wishing for one other part or mod. We'll see how that translates into increased performance on my part this summer.

Nice pix - I like the stainless barrel look, although I went with the IonBond finish, just to keep mine as low profile as possible. I have the DD Omega 7.0 drop-in FF rail on my backup - I was pretty impressed with its solid nature - I have read just as positive reviews of the MI you have, also. I have a MI QD sling release on the back of my backup AR - it's easy to see why they have a great rep. Really nice product. Cheers, enjoy your assembling and shooting - I'm sure you will.

Oh yeah - what ammo are you going to push through that? I used 62 gr Prvi and 63 gr. Federal - I had same-hole touching with both rounds at 50 yds (not all the rounds, but a couple or few in a row on 3 occasions during my 60-round or so initial session).

02-22-2010, 22:50

I gave some hard thought to a lower which had the lower end Geissele as an option, IIRC it might have been a Denny's lower over at Global Tactical. Same on the stock, but I had to give somewhere, so stock, rail and trigger. I figure I can update and upgrade as I go along, I think I'd like an Omega and I agree some AR parts seem to be way over priced, especially rails. I really wanted the ION bond for the same reason, but the upper without hand guard was out of stock.

Sounds like your way ahead of me as far as "using" the AR platform, 3 gun sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm going to breaking in with 55 grain Lake City, PMC and the 62 grain Privi and I'm considering 65 grain Sierra Game Kings as a reload, possibly as a do it all load if it shoots.

Thanks for the info and encouraging comments!