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02-22-2010, 17:39

I have a new P380 in the high 3000 serial number range. I bought it in January and took it to the range for the 1st time. Put 100 rounds of WWB through it using four different magazines. Before shooting I cleaned/lubed and racked the slide about 750 times, and dry fired it about 200 times, and then cleaned/lubed again.

The gun fired the 1st 99 rounds without any stoppages. On round #100, the last round of the day and the last one in the magazine - I had a classic stovepipe jam.

In addition to the stovepipe jam on the #100 round, I had several failures to lock the slide back on the last round. These were not "stoppages" per se as the mag was empty. The slide would only lock back about 50% of the time.

I really like the pistol - had alot of fun.

My biggest complaint is that the trigger reset is pretty long/far compared to the Glocks I shoot all the time. I had to let the trigger go pretty far forward to reset for my next shot.

02-22-2010, 17:55
Thanks for the info, I can't wait to get my brand new P380 to the range this week.

02-24-2010, 03:24
Mine is so accurate and small I love it. Bought a CT lasergrip for it but decided not to use it (new one never carried or even shot with for sale):whistling:.

One thing scared me a bit though, more a topic for Caliber Corner I guess but... I was testing 90 gr. GD's through it shooting into water jugs (1 gallon milk jugs). They were stopping in the second gallon every time and I was testing other calibers and bullets also, so I had one 1/2 gallon apple juice container left and decided to use the least powerful gun I had and shoot it longways, from bottom to top. I was 12 feet away and it bounced off the bottom. Could'nt believe it so I took cover behind a 4'x6' piece of plywood and tried a 95 gr. FMJ from about 15 feet. It too bounced off. The bottom is concave and has six or eight spokes of thicker plastic just like a vehicle rim. This is'nt BS sorry to say. I carry those 100 gr. BB loads now but hav'nt tested them for penetration yet. S&B is the only ammo mine does'nt like as a heads up. I've tried five other's and hav'nt had a single malfunction with any other brand. My cousin is giving me 50 rds. of 102 gr. GS to test this weekend so I'm planning on testing the BB and those. I would never consider using those 80 gr. Barnes that Corbon loads.

02-24-2010, 07:38
Not to get off topic - but why would you never use the 80 grain DPX load? Many folks (myself included) regard it as the best option in .380 for defensive purposes. I think the GoldDot load is also a good option (#2 choice).

02-24-2010, 08:23
Because the all copper bullets are longer than lead core bullets. Longer bullet = less powder, less powder in an already weak caliber with a super light bullet (HP on top of that to possibly reduce penetration even further) is bad news. Those Barnes are best in magnum calibers that have sufficient room and IMO, 10mm for auto's. Corbon won't load 155's (in 40S&W) because they said they could'nt get it going fast enough for expansion (their words right here on GT if you care to do a search). My guess is the BB 100 gr. FP's are as long as the 80 gr. Barnes. Not in .380, not for me at least. BTW, the 155 Barnes I load in 10mm are as long as Gold Dot 180's and Beartooth 200 FP's in .401. All three can be pushed to around the same exact velocity in 10mm, 1300.