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Glock30 Guy
02-25-2010, 17:07
Bought my first 1911 style gun last week and got to the range today. The manual states that you have to fire 400-500 rounds of FMJ to break it in. I fired 150 today using both the Kimber mags and Wilson Combat mags. For carry, I will only use the Wilson mags. Such a big difference. Very smooth and quality piece of hardware compared to the Kimber mags.
I had no issues firing today. All 150 rounds went off perfectly. I had a small grouping on the paper and the gun felt great. It had far less recoil than I expected and after 150 rounds of 45 cal Blazer 230 gr I wished I had more to fire. I did notice a few little scratch marks at the ejection port which looked like the aluminum cases had hit the port as they were flying out. I'll keep an eye on that later on with other types of ammo too.
I took off the grips that came with it and put the Kimber smooth Rosewood grips on instead. The other grips had what felt like sharp edges and after a few rounds it started to hurt. After the range I came home and gave it a good cleaning. Headed back to the range on Sunday to fire another 200 rounds. So far, an excellent gun. Feels like a much bigger gun, very smooth, and so far I'm feeling it will be a reliable carry gun. :supergrin:

02-25-2010, 22:39
Thanks for the report, congrats on the Kimber.

02-25-2010, 22:49