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02-26-2010, 17:38
Hello. I bought a new PPK .380.


I'm at the range for the first time, I slingshot one in the chamber, take the safety off, pull the trigger, and "click." I look at the round and there is a pretty significant indentation in the primer. I load the round again, pull the trigger, and it goes off.

The same thing happened 60 rounds later with another brand of ammo.

This gun is very tight. I have it well-lubricated, but in the first 80 rounds, I had four failures to feed because the rim would not properly slide underneath the extractor. Here is a photo of this phenomenon:


I suspect the problem is that the loaded chamber indicator is getting in the way, as can be seen in the photo. Any other ideas?

Since shooting it, I have degreased the firing pin channel and now it is much smoother. Before when I pressed the hammer up against the firing pin it was crunchy, with two or three stages. Now it is just one stage and smooth.

03-01-2010, 00:25
Never had any problems like that with mine. Has yours PPK had the recall already completed? Not that this will cause the problem you have.

Here is the website to check for the recall

Only thing I notice is using "crap" rounds will not push the slide back enough to actually load another round. Even after breaking the weapon in, these were made to use a more "hot" euro round so just be careful using the cheap stuff.

Hope you figure this out man!

03-04-2010, 23:45
I sent it back to Smith and Wesson for them to work on it.