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View Full Version : Yugo m70 dust cover "button" fell off

02-27-2010, 14:38
Okay, in order to field strip the M70 you have to push in that little black button to get the dust cover off.

On the opposite side of that button, there is a little nut or something, and that has fallen off.

Any idea where to get a new one? I can't field strip it for some reason

02-27-2010, 15:02
On most M70s I have seen that round nut is staked (It is on my M70 anyway).
Might be able to find one looking though this here>>>
or on the forums WTS sections.

Without that nut you should still be able to field strip the rifle by pushing in the retaining button (one missing the round nut) to release the dust cover retaining/ recoil spring button.

02-27-2010, 18:24
Fixed it, nvm. Hahah. I just removed that tiny bolt altogether so it field strips like a normal AK now. That little thing just slowed me down