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02-27-2010, 23:46
I just got home from the funstore and this is what I finally decided on. "A Benelli"

I originally wanted your standard issue Remington 870 to fill my pump shotgun needs but after reviewing all of the features of this Italian beauty I could not say no to bringing her home.



Ghost ring sights, for those longer shots with slugs.

shoots all shells (2 3/4 up to 3 1/2 inch) seriously versitile if ammo gets slim.

Rotating, dual lug, steel on steel locking bolt head.

Very durable polymer overmold receiver, technology borrowed from Glock magazines.

Comfort Tech recoil reducing buttstock and gel pad.

Awesome location for the safety! Just forward of the trigger guard.

Location of the slide release borrowed from Remington.

Magazine "lock" button, which allow the shooter to empty a chambered round without loading a round from the magazine tube...so you can drop in a slug or other specialty round.

Extra large trigger well for gloved hands.

A pistol grip buttstock can be mounted on this model unlike the original Nova's.

Sexy Italian design and build quality.

I just field stripped it and man is it easy to tear down and put back together. No more messing with interrupter levers and shell stop levers flopping out.


The fore arm has a slight rattle but so did alot of my shotguns I guess?

Expensive. Out the door price was $500 which is kind of alot for a pump but hey its a Benelli. The Mossberg 590 SPX (with ghost ring sights) was over $650 so I actually feel like I got alot of bang for my buck considering the features the Benelli has.

The shop did not offer a model with a mag extension and did not have any +2 shot shell extensions on hand. Now I gotta go shopping on line.

It only has 1 extractor compared to the 2 my Mossberg had. Oh well, my Mossberg didnt have a rotating dual lug bolt head so its a trade off I guess?



Man I am so happy I sold off my 590 special purpose to fund this baby!!!

Big Bird
02-28-2010, 07:58
You forgot to add:
Chrome lined barrel
Built in sling swivel attachment points

I have one just like yours but its the standard 3" Nova. It was a little "tight" when I got it but slicked up great in a couple hundred rounds. I also added the 2 shot extension and a sidesaddle.

Great shotty! Headshots with slugs out to 50 yards are no problemo with those sights!

02-28-2010, 14:55
Cool, I didnt even know it had a chrome lined barrel? I didnt see it mentioned on the Benelli website.

Where did you get your mag extension? I noticed some extensions dont match the Benelli finish perfect? Like the Nordic. Its looks darker than the gun which I dont want to do. Does yours match?

02-28-2010, 15:01
Benelli makes an excellent pump. I got the SuperNova a few years ago and it is great. I've used it for turkey, duck, and even shot a good bit of skeet with it. I can't think of anything that I don't like about the gun.


Big Bird
02-28-2010, 17:21
Cool, I didnt even know it had a chrome lined barrel? I didnt see it mentioned on the Benelli website.

Where did you get your mag extension? I noticed some extensions dont match the Benelli finish perfect? Like the Nordic. Its looks darker than the gun which I dont want to do. Does yours match?

Its a Benelli! I don't think they sell them anymore but back when I bought mine they did. It still is a shade or two off from the factory finish but who cares what it looks like. Its a tactical gun...

02-28-2010, 18:19
I really wanted a Benelli ... I fell in love with an M2 that was $1150 shelf price (plus tax, rounds, accessories, etc. ) ... and the 1150 was the best price around.

I found a Benelli M2 at a Dick's Sporting Goods in PA ( i took a drive on a day off a month ago looking for a magazine for my Remington 597 .22LR of all things, and my local dicks didn't have any) ... but it wasn't the Tactical one I guess, it was different somehow, wasn't exactly what the local gunshop had...

then I asked to see something else and the guy's like "Oh you wanna see this?" and reaches to the top top top shelf and hands me the Mossberg 930 SPX ... and the golden aura formed and the tah-dah sounds sounded and boom! I bought it... but here's the thing.. as previously documented in a different thread, maybe by you mixflip, had I spend all that money on the Benelli M2, I wouldn't barely want to use it. I spend like half on the Mossberg and I'm as happy as I would be. Now would I like to "add" the M2 to my collection? Sure... if I had some house money like gambling winnings etc. But until the, not necessary.

also, one of my most knowledgeable friends keeps telling me also to add a Remington 870 ... but see, if I was going pump, I would probably just get that Benelli that you got, as well. Looks swizzz---eat!

02-28-2010, 18:43
Sounds like you and I are like minded Scrappy. I swear I heard angels singing the day I brought my 930SPX home? I have seen Benelli M3 super 90's jam with cheap bird shot...but my 930SPX eats that stuff like the cookie monster with ZERO malfunctions.

I too thought I needed an 870 until I heard those dang angels again with this SuperNova tactical pump.

02-28-2010, 19:19
I have a slug gun that I've shot a lot of deer with over the years up to 100 yards out. I would not hunt with anything else. Congrats. They are good guns.

02-28-2010, 20:00
Mix another thing I forgot to add:

The local gunshop sales kid who showed me the Benelli M2 originally, he said that the M2's barrel wasn't removable (and I was like NOT POSSIBLE??, he says , "you wouldn't want to anyway its a tactical home defense model) ... Not sure if true or not, point being,

Our Mossberg's can and definitely do have barrel upgrades. Mossberg.com seems to say they're AROUND 200. So lets say I decided I wanted to do some hunting, serious clay pigeon busting, or even shoot some slugs, I can just buy a barrel and have a whole new shotgun system.

Again, the Benelli was awesome, but I'd never use it or I'd use it, scratch it, break it, etc. and be pissed forever. It would be like spending every last dime of your savings on a Lamborghini / Ferrari... and can't drive it cause it gets 8 miles per gallon of premium gasoline , you don't want to get it dirty, run the miles up, break anything, oh yeah, and oil changes are $10G's...

Maybe some day. But after seeing yours boy am I good-naturedly jealous, now I want one too !!! :-P

02-28-2010, 20:53
Congrats! Be sure to post a range report after awhile.

03-01-2010, 14:25
Great choice, great gun. Practice with it to keep from short stroking it. That is my only grip about Novas, as the 3 1/2 inch stoke is long, and I have short stroked them several times. The benefits of this gun far outweight the negatives.
My ideal tactical pump gun would be a Nova with flip up rear sight, and 3 in chamber. I currently use one for hunting and it has been through the kind of hell only a klutz could put it through. Completely submursed in a lale on several occasions. It cleans up like new. I liked it so much, I bought an M2.

03-01-2010, 15:50
These suckers really are tough too. I just now accidentally lost control of the push pin tool (built in the end cap) and scraped it along the receiver...and I went UUGGGGHH!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!

Normally this would have resulted in a huge scratch in the metal receiver, but since the SuperNova is covered in a polymer armor casing, it just slid right off with no scratch at all! No blueing got removed (since ther is no exposed bluing there) and the plastic just slid the tool right off with no marks. I'd say its tougher than a Glock magazine, which is saying alot.

03-01-2010, 15:54
You did good.

As far as extractors go, you raise an interesting point.
My Nova special purpose has malfunctioned on me once. I was shooting wolf buckshot and it would not extract the 9th or 10th round I had fired. I had to pry out the shell out with a pocketknife. I think I read once that the wolf brass can swell.
However, I haven't had that happen with the wolf slugs. Either way, I stick to winchester or SB for the cheap buckshot loads . . .

Big Bird
03-01-2010, 21:02
Wahhh... Don't baby you crap! USE IT!

My expensive guns are my users! The scratches dents and dings I have on them are badges of honor! Someday I hope to pass them on to my kids all beat to crap, barrels shot out, full of dings dents and scratches. I want my kids to say: Gee Grandpa sure went hunting alot! Grandpa sure loved to shoot guns! What kind of family heirloom is a NIB safequeen? Hell no...I'm using my stuff up! Life's too short to polish my "precious" all day long.

My Benelli Super Black Eagle II has all the camo coating worn off on the edges and back of the pistol grip. It has a melted spot on the forearm where it fell against the coleman heater in the duck blind (I tell everyone it melted from firing the gun til the barrel got hot enough to melt it) Its been dropped in the river, drug out and shot a limit of ducks all on the same day. Its been so muddy my first step in cleaning it was with a garden hose!

My main hunting rifle is a custom built pre-64 Winchester M70. Probably have over $5k in it with the scope. I use the hell out of that gun! The bolt handle is shiney--blueing worn off. The end of the barrel is shiney from being stuck in a saddle scabbard. The paint scatched and is coming off all over. Hell, even the McMillan Stock has a good nick in it where a horse bit it!

I don't go out of my way to abuse things just for the hell of it. But I don't fret about a scratch!

03-02-2010, 02:37
I dont baby my guns. All my guns are home defense duty or off duty "working guns"...I am not a collector and I dont have any safe queens. I am open to owning pure fun guns or impractical guns but at the moment all my guns have a SHTF/life saving duty vs being just entertainment guns (i.e. sport hunting or range fun)

That being said, I love badges of honor on my guns. A faded Glock is a sexy sight to behold. What I dont like are "idiot marks" like a scratch from a tool that I slipped with and now have an exposed unprotected scratch that will start to rust if not covered and protected. I like faded bluing on the corners and dings from real world use. I just dont like idiot scratches. They dont really fall into the category of badges of honor... in my opinion of course.

I think you are missing the point? I was commenting on the "polymer armor" the receiver has and how good of a feature it is. Accidentally dropping this gun on rocks will have a different result vs a shotgun that just has bluing. I wasnt crying about it.

03-02-2010, 07:33
I have seen Benelli M3 super 90's jam with cheap bird shot...but my 930SPX eats that stuff like the cookie monster with ZERO malfunctions.

Do you want to know WHY? The Benelli M1, 2 and 3s are RECOIL operated. The Mossberg 930SPX is GAS operated. FWIW, after a 100 or so 00 buckshots and Brenneke slugs, my Benelli functioned 100% with light skeet loads. The same held true for my Beretta 1201FP (M1 Super90 clone).

03-09-2010, 01:13
"collapsible stock" currently on gun broker; big bucks item....