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02-28-2010, 01:14
Simple shooter to fill up my gun cabinet. It was used but barely, paper work said it was bought last August. First thoughts are that the forend is a little rattley (is that a word) but other than that it feels really solid, a lot like my maverick 88 (I know, they are basically the same gun). Has a good weight to it, which I like. Anyone know where I could get a sling/swivle mounts? The guy said it had some attached, but there isn't one on the stock or on the lug that connects the barrel to the magazine tube. Looking forward to shooting this gun when the snow melts!

Mad Trapper
03-02-2010, 19:12
You can get the swivels thru Mossbergs web site. Just bought a M500 Tac Persuader, 18.5"barrel, parkerized, bead site today. No frills basic shotgun for $279 new.

03-02-2010, 19:24
Make sure the action tube nut is tight. It can sometimes come loose and might be some of the rattle. In the end most pumps have some rattle if you shake them. :) I had to tighten up my 590 a little in the beginning.

03-03-2010, 21:46
Thanks for the replies, I don't get around enough to check back frequently. I contacted the person I bought it from and was actually going to mail me the mounts because he forgot. So that's pretty much solved. Still haven't been out to shoot it because of the damn sn ow though -_-