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03-01-2010, 06:14
Hello, I'm not sure if fiber optics fit in the optics expert section but I wanted to ask first here. I have a g17 with stock factory plastic sights. I want a fiber optic green front sight only. I want it to match the correct height to work with the stock rear sight. Do you know how I tell which fiber optic front sights will work?
thanks for the help,

03-15-2010, 08:26
I do not know this answer off hand. But remember your eye will pick up the colored fiber optic front sight differently than your current stock sight, So you may find that even though you are looking for one of the same height as your current sighting system, You may shoot it differently Like night sights or 3 dot sights every persons eyes have different abilities to see light and shapes. Your best bet is find a fiber optic by a company you trust take it to your gunsmith and tell them what range YDS and ammo you plan to shoot and have them adjust the sights so they will work for you and your eye. Also remember to tell them weather you aim at 6 o clock or center mass on the target at that particular yard line.