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03-01-2010, 17:04

DJ Niner
03-01-2010, 23:22
Some of those are really long and easy to hit; others are more subdued, while still being easier to activate than the stock part. I'd say it depends on your intended use; if I'm hunting, I don't want one that will dump may mag if I brush against it, but if it's gonna be a competition gun, the opposite may be needed. If you haven't seen the one that hugs the trigger guard yet, find pics and check it out -- pretty cool looking.

Currently I'm using a shorter plastic one on my guns; it's a Ram Line brand, but I think it's been discontinued. Big enough to hit if I'm in a hurry, but small enough to not get snagged by accident, even if I'm using the flush-fit factory 10-shot mags.



03-02-2010, 17:05
nice looking shooters. Thanks.

03-09-2010, 18:17
I have used several different ones, myself. I have one that I sent off for a custom trigger job. They installed one that is a factory release drilled and tapped for a 3/16 pin that hangs down about an inch. It is simple, and works great. The new ones come with an extended release from the factory, very similar to what DJ is using. They only cost 5-6 bucks to buy, and they work great as well. For a more expensive one, I like the lever that is shaped to match the trigger guard, like DJ described. I don't see any chance of accidentally dumping the mag with that one at all. I just added the Rimfire Technologies pull release to my Charger. It comes with an Auto bolt release, which adds $10 to its value. I haven't shot with it yet. You pull the lever back toward the trigger guard to release the mag. It is very easy, and I could see how it may be possible to dump the mag by accident. Its a really cool part and should work great for me, but my first impression is that it may not be great for a hunting rifle.

03-09-2010, 23:32
I have two Ruger 10/22's and both are outfitted with Eagle (I think) small plastic extended magazine releases, around $3-4. Before you install it clean-smooth the mold/casting line with an emery board. Just slide your hand in front of the trigger guard and the mag falls out. If your walking and hunting/plinking that may not be the best thing to do, so left hand cups the factory mag as the right hand tripps the lever. Pop it's in your hand. Extended mags; grab with the left hand and trip the lever with your left thumb.