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03-02-2010, 13:00
I can't believe nobody is taking advantage of a learning opportunity but, I sure will....since I know ZERO about scopes. :dunno:
I would like to scope a Vepr 308. for 200-600yds range...all lighting conditions.
I have little or no calculation experience with bullet drop, windage, any of it.
Please be patient since I will probably be asking really dumb questions. :rofl:
Thanks in advance for your help

03-15-2010, 08:19
How accurate are you trying to be. What is the intended target? 1st of all what is the capability of the rifle and projectile you are using? Say at 100 yds 1 inch is aprox 1 Minuite of angle. So is your rifle 1--1.5---2-2.5---3---3.5 or more? You need to sand bag ( stabalize) the rifle and get the best group you can. If your rifle is not capable of shooting 2MOA or better than shooting out to 600yds and hitting a target becomes problematic. Rifles over 2 MOA at 600 yds will have a group over 12 inches so they limit their mission ability other than to punch holes in paper. Lets start with this and we can work our way forward