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Scott 40S&W
03-02-2010, 18:49
Centerfire Training is conducting a Defensive Shotgun course on March 20th from 1-10 pm. Cost for the course is $100 if paid before March 13th. The location is our private range in Woodbury Ga. During the ammo shortage shotgun ammo was still available. It may come to a point that that is all that is available. Knowing how to use a shotgun in a defensive situation is best learned before you need it. While it can be hard to conceal a shotgun they are excellent for home defense and can be carried in a vehicle.This course will include a low light session as well as transitions to a handgun. Contact me directly at

Scott 40S&W
03-15-2010, 23:05
There are a few slot left only $125
This course covers more material than the NRA LE Shotgun course.