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03-02-2010, 22:28
Just joined the ranks of Kahr owners and just purchased a PM9 with black DLC coating and night sights. I've had a few hours to play around with it and it is surely a nice little CCW pistol.

That said, I'm finding that the metal mag baseplate is rather sharp. I could file it down for sure but saw that some of the other Kahr magazines offered a plastic baseplate on them. I think with the black DLC, the black baseplate would also reduce any contrast identification issues while CCW'ing.

So is there a black plastic baseplate for the 6 round 9mm mags?

BTW, I'm aware of the Pearce extended baseplate but I'm looking for something low profile and flat.

03-03-2010, 09:41
This might be worth a look:
PM9 Magazine Base plate Alternative! (http://kahrtalk.com/pm-series-pistols/317-pm9-magazine-baseplate-alternative.html)
The part needed in the above link is available here:

AZ Traveler
03-05-2010, 17:07
Some of us take the Pearce Grip extensions and modify then to a Flush Black baseplates.

See my postings and pics in this thread.


03-08-2010, 23:06
AZ Traveler, I was just thinking of that thread! :cool:

Yea, I would stick with the metal baseplate, but just finish it in black.

I really don't like the Kahr plastic baseplates. I've been meaning to order some to "fix" my 8rd mags that came with plastic plates.

I wish the PM45 mag came with a metal baseplate.