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03-03-2010, 13:39
Thinking about putting new night sights on my 226 but I have a few questions before I shell any doe out, I have sig nite sights on my gun now, but the lamps are dimming and the gun was setup for 40 originally, but the point of aim seems to work despite this difference. I have Trijicon night sights on my G23 and like them alot, but Im interested in the XS sights for the simple fact of being able to get on target faster, even though I don't feel I really have a problem in that department, but theres always room fro improvement.

1). I've noticed that some manufacturers like XS sight systems have a generic size for sights for 226 in 9mm, 40, and .357sig.

Generally speaking people seem to put different sights on 40s&w than 9mm or .357sig i.e 6/8 for 40 8/8 for 9mm/357sig.

Am I being pedantic thinking that there should be different sights for the 40 since sig uses a differnt setup for that caliber? I would assume since the majority of 226s out there are in 9mm the XS sights are likely to be more equivalent to the #8/#8 sight setup so I'd be good anyways, what are your thoughts on this.

2). Second question is reguarding XS sight accuracy, some say they have great accuracy with them, other prefer the three dot setup and say that long distance shots are hard to make with XS sights, I would think the difference would be minimal in the distance I could be accurate in the first place, and statistically speaking Im more likely to benefit from the faster target aquisition as most real situations occur withing a couple yards. What are your thoughts and experiences with the XS sights in terms of accuracy particularly in 25+ yards.

3). Finally when looking into the XS sights I found a couple people had problems with leaking trijicon lamps in there sights particularly in their rear sight. How have those whove owned them felt they've held up.

What say you, XS sights good, or should I stick to what I know or go a completely different route altogether?

03-06-2010, 08:35
No one has feedback on XS sights, night sights in general?