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03-03-2010, 14:37
Does anyone know who might have the SIG 522 in stock in central - eastern PA?
I can't seem to find one anywhere, would rather not resort to buying online. I called the local dealer listed on SIG's site and he has two on order but he's not expecting them until summer.

Sgt Tim

03-04-2010, 19:35
Dunkleburgers just got a few in...

03-04-2010, 19:37

03-05-2010, 16:37
Thank you for the link. Actually I found a shop thursday (thanks Bill Wade), went for a look and ended up not buying one. I even had 600 in my pocket, for some reason they just didn't do it for me. I really wanted it to jump out but it didn't. Maybe I should look at a GSG...??
Thanks again


03-05-2010, 20:26
Personally, Im glad I got my Sig 522 over the GSG. It feeds all different types of .22lr and is no where near as picky as the GSG. But, if it didnt do it for you, it didnt do it for you. You gotta go with what you want and what makes you excited to go to the range and shoot. Good luck on your search. Happy Shootin!

03-05-2010, 21:08
I have had Colt M4 .22LR in the past and while it shoot great longevity I think is not going to be good, I currently own S&W M&P15-22 and the Sig 522 and both of this rifles are great. they are very well build and enjoy both a lot, I only handle the GSG but seen a lot of feedback from owners and I would not buy one of those base on they dont seem as well made as either the Sig or the S&W but that is just my opinion.