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03-03-2010, 14:31
Is the middle size the regular frame size, and they come supplied with a larger than normal, and smaller than normal addition?
Would you say that the smallest backstrap is similar to the G21SF/G21?

03-03-2010, 15:37
The new Glock Gen 4 frame design utilizes the SF trigger housing. To date, this frame is the smallest offered by the factory. Without a doubt smaller than any of the original Gen 1/2/3 frames. If you wanted something "smaller or larger" than the previous models this gun may be for you.

My (sample) G22 Gen 4 pistol has 2 additional grips included. Both grips snap right on to the frame making them easy to install or remove. Both appear to be the same from the outside however differ internally. For lack of a better word, lets call the grips large & small. The "large" grip has internal spacers built into it. The "small" grip is smooth internally.

Please remember, when I use the word feel, "it is according to my perspective".
When the "small" grip is attached the frame feels pretty close to the standard Gen 1/2/3 pistols.
When the "large" grip is attached the frame feels pretty close to a G21.
When I use it as is (no grip attached) it feels noticeably smaller than its predecessors.

03-25-2010, 08:51
Many thanks.
It is the smaller than G1,2,&3 that I am interested in, as it is very difficult for me to recommend any firearm other than a Glock.
Some people just have smaller hands however, and their trigger finger rests on the frame, or they have to adjust the grip to accommodate the Glocks, neither which is good for accuracy.
Hoping that the Gen4 "No grip attached" will work for them.