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03-04-2010, 07:12
On my Glock 26, after initial disassembly for cleaning (I always clean a new gun and apply lubrication at the designated areas) the slide would not go back on.

I played with it trying to figure out why. Apparently the trigger bar is hitting the firing pin safety and not letting the slide go back on all the way.

It is only when I press the firing pin safety in manually with a small wooden dowel (up through the magazine well) will it go on. The firing pin safety looks fine, so Im assuming maybe the trigger bar area that contacts the firing pin safety was machined wrong?

I put some grease on the trigger bar, and now it goes on without the wooden dowel treatment about 50% of the time.

Do you recommend that I polish the trigger bar (I dont want to mess anything up) or just see about replacing it?

03-04-2010, 19:45
1 If you can hit the FP safety from the magwell.... The slide is already on.
2 The slide will install either way: trigger forward or in the fired position.

3 Your problem is caused by the position of the recoil spring. Make sure it is in the lowest position of the barrel lug. Once it is in this position it will slide right on to the receiver.

03-05-2010, 02:44
Actually, its not the recoil spring at all. The slide will go onto the frame up to the point to where the trigger bar is touching the firing pin safety. It wont go past that point. So, yes, technically the slide is on the frame, but it is not locked onto the frame. In other words, you cant retract the slide any further. And the slide will push right off the frame sliding forward without having to depress the slide lock lever.

It will only go into complete battery when I use a small wooden dowel or a small diameter phillips screwdriver and depress the firing pin safety. Then, the resistance stops and it locks onto the frame.

If the recoil spring had anything to do with it, why would depressing the firing pin safety allow it to slide onto the frame completely?