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03-04-2010, 23:38
I am doing a little research for someone.

Who here:
1) owns one of the newfangled, so called tactiical pens?
2) is it any good? worth the price?
3) any advantage to a particular brand pen?

I like the pikal/drawpoint system as its quick to learn, quick to deploy and versital, and effective.

These pens piss me off a little, as about 15 years ago i made my own, crude but effective type by boring out a peice of aliminum to fit a bic pen refil. (my work banned all weapons, and we carried cash.)
I put a quickie clip on it, and used it for a while, and it was handy once... so i like the idea.

i'd like to have one, as i write with heavy pressure, and am hard on eqipment...yet, as much as i like the concept, and as useful as it would be, both in emergencies and day to day...$100 for a pen? OTOH..how much is one's life worth? I like quality US made gear, but i'm not someone who goes out and buys the latest "tactical' widgets. I rely on things that are tried and true in my own experience. If i got one ofthese, it would be as a permenent EDC item, expected to last-and work as a PEN-until i died of old age.

I was thinking...maybe i could fill a G-2 gel with JB weld.

gimme some feedback, guys.

03-05-2010, 00:57
I think $100 for a "tactical" pen is way overboard. A good stainless steel pen will do the job for like $20. I have had a chance to use the Surefire pen on several occasions and it is not comfortable to write with. It tapers too much in the grip area. I looked seriously at the Hinderer for a while but couldn't put that kind of money out for a pen.

03-05-2010, 09:32
Zebra F-701 ($5 at Walmart) all stainless steel and SEEMS like it would be effective.

Zebra F-301 (~$12 for a pack of 10 at Sams) - SEEMS a little less hefty - but still all steel.

03-05-2010, 09:40
Fisher space pens. Carried one everyday in uniform and out. Besides, they write in cold, wet, and even upside down.

03-05-2010, 11:42
I hate the zebra pens, they don't last long enough. I write logs daily..i have killed one in two days before.

I was thinking of getting one of the cheaper pens, scrade i think makes one.

OTOH, surefire had one that adjusts to nearly any pen refill.

Thanks, guys!

03-05-2010, 15:50

Not a pen, but a Sharpie is nice to have too lol!

Deaf Smith
03-05-2010, 20:22
'Tactical Pens'... Hmmmm.

I was at a hospital where they were having a doctors diagnostic fair and there was this bucket of 'Viagra' all steel pens. They were heavy steel pens.

So the light bulb came on in my head and I reached in and got one. I use it and wear it to work and around. Of course the 'Viagra' gets lots of looks and laughs. But you see, that's exactly what I wanted it to do. It's just as effective as these cute 'Tactical' pens but it does not look 'tactical', or threatening.

And I can take it just about anywhere.

BTW, I never ever wear anything 'tactical', or have Krav Maga or Taekwondo, or even IDPA\NRA\TSRA or any shooting school logos, at any event outside the training for those very things.

I prefer everything concealed, especially skill levels. Now to me THAT is tactical!


03-05-2010, 22:03
I think they are over rated as many have said. Buy an all metal pen that is a bit thicker than most and it should work fine. It only has to work once.