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Scott 40S&W
03-05-2010, 09:12
This is an intensive three-day course, with a lot of classroom work and a lot of shooting. Candidates must pass an extensive written examination, pass a shooting qualification, and deliver a brief classroom presentation. Students receive a 170 page instructor manual, which is a valuable reference source. Students will shoot their own sidearms during this class, and will also shoot a variety of other handguns for familiarization.

Each student will need an accurate, reliable handgun of 9X19mm, .38 Special, or larger caliber, concealment gear, and 800 rounds of quality ammunition. We will supply ammunition for the other handguns fired for familiarization. Ammunition is on hand for purchase for use in this course.

This course is geared toward teaching you how to teach others. You will gain a good bit of experience in coaching others; spotting, identifying, and correcting common shooting errors; course design and documentation; and other topics. You will also increase your own shooting skills. Students should already have basic shooting/gunhandling skills and be above average shots prior to this course.
The course is April 9-11 at Centerfire Training's private range in Woodbury Ga
The cost of the course is $425. Please register at http://www.rangemaster.com/

Scott 40S&W
03-24-2010, 21:28
There are a few slot left for this course.
Registration closes March 31st