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03-05-2010, 12:33
I was just wondering if any of you have used a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel in their Glock 32? I am thinking about getting a G32 and this barrel.
I know that I will have to get some 19 mags, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this setup before and if they had any issues or anything?


03-05-2010, 13:12
Will work fine. Let us know how it shoots. :wavey:

03-06-2010, 14:26

04-09-2010, 19:25
I put one in my 32 just last week. I use G17 mags - flawless performance. 100% reliability. Its like having a G19.
On a side note, I did buy a SS guide rod from lone wolf to go with it so I could swap springs.

Both items perfrom great and are money well spent. Lone Wolf, FTW.