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03-06-2010, 03:42
Mr Emerson,

I'm a LEO in a medium size municipality. We are authorized to carry a/the knife (of our choice) on duty. Auto knives are forbidden in our state for civilians, but are authorized for law enforcement with the Chief's permission.
I have permission to carry an auto.

Here goes. If you could carry one knife what type would it be and where would you carry it?
I think of scenarios where I would need a knife for last ditch personal defense. But then I can also see where I might need to cut through a seat belt or a rope.
I realize that knives and their respective styles of blades, serrated or not, tanto, etc. all have a purpose, but is there one, if you were choosing it for yourself, that would top your list?
Once that's decided, would you carry in your boot, on your belt, clipped to your pocket???

Thanks, Matt

Ernest Emerson
03-09-2010, 10:01
Dear Matt,

As to auto's look at Benchmade and Pro-Tech, they're both good at it. For non-auto's look at Spyderco. I always recommend serrations for all the obvious reasons (they even cut when dull).

Spear or drop point blades are the most utilitarian and are the easiest to use and sharpen. Carry the knife where you can get to it the easiest and in a hurry. I recommend off-hand side in the pocket. And I'm willing to bet that you will use your knife far more times for an emergency than self-defense. Base your choice on that. It'll still work as a weapon.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson