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03-07-2010, 14:51

1. Cut down the 28" VR barrel (one of two it came with used), to 18 5/8", as verified with a dowel rod. Odd length is to utilize the most "meat" of the VR base.

2. Installed Scattergun Technologies 2-shot extension.

3. Installed Houge stock set (12" LOP), I'm only 5'6".

Future mods:

1. Change Houge forearm for Speedfeed piece (thanks for the info J.D.)

2. Tritium front sight

3. Jumbo safety.

4. Sling, if I ever take a defensive shotgun class.

5. Maybe.... maybe a light.

That's all the tacticool it'll ever get.

Results with Win Ranger LE at 30 ft.:


03-07-2010, 15:34
that is one sweet fighting shotgun with no Tacti-fool mess to get in the way of deploying it. Bad guys beware.

03-07-2010, 15:46
If I may make a sight recommendation:

LPA sights/Tritium front/Adjustable rear.

Out of all the sights I have used on shotguns, these were the best. I like the Trac Lock style sights on my Border Patrol, but those LPAs are definitely awesome!

Devils Haircut
03-08-2010, 03:43
Tom or Aippi,

Why the speedfeed over the hogue forend? Is there an issue? Just curious.

Nice looking shotgun by the way...identical to where my 870 is going, except I don't think Hogue makes a youth stock set for my 20 gauge.

Edit: Did a search and found the following...
The Speed Feed LE forend over the Houge. The Houge does not line up with the Remington forend tube assembly so you have to line it up then tighten the tube nut. Over time this moves and damages the inside of the forend and at some point it will be unusable.

The Speed fit has a small raise tit that slides right in to a slot in the forend tube assembly and is perfectly line up so you just tighten the forend tube nut. This also helps it stay aligned.