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03-07-2010, 15:37
Has anyone tried autocomp yet, I did a search and came up with nothing. I loaded some 180 xtps with longshot and some 135 noslers with autocomp. The longshot worked great. At a starting load of 8.5 I was getting 1160 fps and a max of 9.5 was around 1250. All of this is out of my stock G29, new starline brass and federal LPP

Autocomp with a starting load of 8.7 was just under 1200 with a max of 9.5 it was 1320. My max velocity is under the listed starting velocity of 1372, even if you subtract for my short barrel this is still way off.

I should mention the pressure ring on both of these listed max loads is .4335-.434 where a double tap comes out at .435

Does autocomp need a magnum primer? I got my load data from hodgdons' web site. I don't see primer type or barrel length mentioned. I'll see if they will answer an email but would like to hear anyones experience.

06-05-2010, 09:34
I'd be curious to hear more about Autocomp workups myself. My only issue is that in 10mm there's not much of a span between "Start" and "Max". I also have a Glock 29 so your experimenting has merit to me. I use Nosler 150gr and 135ge exclusively and I'm thinking it might work well at these projectile weights. How clean it it and how loud was it ? I use Power Pistol and AA#5 right now. Also curious what your ES/SD was since I sometimes get fluctuations using Power Pistol.

06-07-2010, 05:14
If I am not mistaken, the latest Hodgdon load data manual shows Autocomp producing the highest velocities of any of their powders
for the lighter bullet weights so that definitely warrants looking into since I am distinctly a
155gr enthusiast.

Hodgdon manual-----MAX Charges--------
> 135gr Autocomp 9.5gr 1476fps 34,500 psi is a Winchester powder
> 155gr Autocomp 8.9gr 1362fps 35,700 psi is a Winchester powder
> 155gr IMR 800-X 9.8gr 1350fps 30,000 psi
> 180gr Longshot 9.5gr 1287fps 34,800 psi
> 200gr Longshot 8.2gr 1172fps 35,000 psi

Their description on their website is puzzling
however as all they talk about is design for
competition shooters with something about
more gas for compensators. That is phony
hogwash as the mass of the gas cannot exceed
the mass of the powder.

Simple as picking a heavier powder load if you
want a greater amount of gas to act on the
compensator. Of course you would
not overlook the pressures produced by those
heavier powder charges. I think AA#9 would
be best for compensators as I think those are
the heaviest powder charges I have seen.