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03-07-2010, 23:34
So I finally tried out the 9x25 conversion on my 29SF. Not so hot results I must say. It was a hoot to shoot while it worked but that was only 50% of the time.

It's a Glock 29SF w/ Heinie straight8 night sights, Pierce grip extension, wolff non captured guide rod and 21lb spring and Zevtec competition trigger kit w/ the lone wolf 9x25 barrel.

All doubletap factory ammo. So I started out with 125gr and every 3rd round or so was a light strike but very accurate. Then I switched over to the 95gr and every other round would over travel the slide to where it wouldn't come back to battery with out a tap. I didn't explore that much further for fear of gun damage. It functioned flawlessly with 10mm after I changed the barrel back. So do I need to step up the striker spring and the recoil spring to 24lb to fire 9x25 reliably? It really is a hoot to shoot 9x25 if you haven't done so. Very impressive... as long as it goes bang or bang twice in a row. :rofl:

03-07-2010, 23:52
I'd like to hear input about this. I've been thinking about the 9x25 for my G20. It sounds (literally I imagine) like a mean round:supergrin:.


03-13-2010, 21:20
G20gunner, Where did you purchase your barrel for the 9X25 chambering? It is possible the chamber or ammunition is not properly head spaced for your pistol.

I shot some of the Double Tap stuff from my S&W1006 5" with a Bar-Sto 9X25 dillon conversion barrel, I had to final fit this match barrel to the slide and frame, then have the chamber final reamed for proper head spacing of the rounds.(I don't know if this is your situation) CHECK with your barrel out of the pistol drop a round into the chamber to see how deep it goes.(The case head should be nearly flush with the barrel hood. Some have said about 0.002" play of the cartridge.

It sounds like your's is chambered to deep and the case is almost too far forward for proper primer strikes, if this is the case the ammunition is not headspaced properly.

The only way to fix this maybe to handload holding the sizing die back some to not over size the neck down for your chamber.

My best accuracy was with the DT 125gr, whereas the 90 gr were all over the place. I am still working on various handloads recipies to try. The 5" and the shorter 3.78" G-29 don't allow the best potential for the 9X25 cartridges.

Best of luck!

03-13-2010, 23:03
I don't have a 9x25 barrel, it's mr2guru that's having the problem.


03-14-2010, 22:58
Sorry about that! It was getting late...OH well I was just trying to provide some food for thought on the situation!

03-15-2010, 03:03
Sorry about that! It was getting late...OH well I was just trying to provide some food for thought on the situation!

I understand, I apologize if I sounded ungrateful for the info:embarassed:. I'm waiting for mr2guru to post an update of the situation, to let us know if he fixed the problem.


03-23-2010, 22:04
One thing he might need to try is to tap all the ammo to the rear of the magazine before he inserts it, this would set all rounds to the back of the magazine, this solves many issues with feeding.

Would like to hear back on the situation also...

03-24-2010, 15:18
I would like some input about the 9x25 dillon. Thinking about a conversion barrel for my G20. Sounds like a fun round to shoot


03-24-2010, 23:16
The 9X25 dillon is a wildcat cartridge and posses some challenges to the shooter. Lots of pressure behing lighter bullets for wicked fast rounds...9mm on steroids.
Expect loud muzzle blast and lots of flash, originally they used this round for compensated pistols to tame recoil and muzzle rise.

Handloading for this round has its share of challenges also, head spacing is the most critical, then matching powder selection to your particular barrel lenght to get the most from the cartridge/bullet combination. Firm neck tension for the bullet not to jump and allowing full ignition of the powder charge and long enough barrel to take advantage. I have found my 5" barrel to be marginal to reach the higher velocities.

Load data is lacking as this is a wildcat with very few users experimenting with load development, including me!

Best of luck!