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03-09-2010, 09:06

Seabaugh’s gun bill advances; colleges still wary
9:05 pm March 8, 2010, by Ernie Suggs

Under a revised version of a controversial Senate gun bill, the University System of Georgia would be allowed to determine whether guns would be allowed on its campuses.

But university officials still want the law to remain as it is — specifically, a provision that bans guns from within 1,000 feet from any campus.

Senate Majority Whip Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg), the author of SB 308 — which was passed out of the Special Judiciary Committee on Monday by a 7-1 vote and heads to the Rules Committee — said he has essentially given the schools what they wanted: guns off campus.

“They still retain the right to establish regulations about firearms on their grounds,” Seabaugh said.

But university officials are still skeptical. Under the bill, it would no longer be illegal to have a gun within 1,000 feet of a college campus.

By taking away that safety zone, a licensed gun owner carrying a firearm could sit in a soda shop five feet away from a campus and still be within his legal rights.

That’s still too close for comfort, said Tom Daniel, senior vice chancellor for the University System.

“We would rather keep the law as it is,” he said.

Seabaugh says his bill, the Common Sense Lawful Carry Act, would clarify existing laws and rules as to where people can carry guns. It would also allow private property owners to determine who can carry guns on their property.

Bar owners, for example, would be able to set their own rules.

Seabaugh said church pastors would also have discretion to choose who would be allowed to carry guns into the sanctuary.

Throughout the months-long debates, several pastors testified that they felt they needed the protection that guns would afford.

“We have taken out the confusing language and made it clear where licensed gun owners can carry,” Seabaugh said.

The final bill’s only Special Judiciary opponent was Sen. Donzella James (D-Atlanta), who fears ultimate passage of the bill would create a “wild, wild West” because guns don’t need to be “in the hands of everyday people.”

“Crime is rampant and we just don’t need to give guns to everybody. This is not a war zone,” James said. “This will just open up a can of worms. People will die needlessly.”

:yawn: The same tired "wild wild West" argument. When are they going to notice that blood does not flow in the streets?

Besides, it's the "everyday people" who are getting gunned down around Georgia Tech, where the "no guns within 1000 feet" law establishes the Victim Rich Environment. Maybe soon those "everday people" can protect themselves from "everyday thugs."

03-13-2010, 21:44
Is this different from the HB 615?