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03-10-2010, 23:21
Just j0king with the title hehe...

But in all seriousness... I wanted to address several issues...

Another .22LR
Another Rifle
Something Good to Very Good, or better
Bolt Action
Not synthetic.

I have a few month of Remington 597 .22LR .. Nice little rifle.. But it's opposite of what I got today... That is OD Green synthetic, autoloading semi, no one seems to like that model, etc. I like it fine but...

I got today a Savage Mark II, BXP, .22LR, with Bushnell 3-9 x 40 scope... It's got a wood-laminate stock, nice short bolt-action, excellent feel...

Regular price $189.99 ... It goes on sale for $159.99 , I got them to honor the sale price. also had a $25 and $20 gift cert./rewards from previously buying the Rem 597 and a MOssberg 930 SPX... so that helped... but I bought a bunch of accessories. They got it back :)

Also it was cool... the "kid" working the gun cage aka "sportsmans lodge" had just finished his gunsmithing courses and was studying for his final test in two weeks... So I made a contact and, he pointed out, they boresight your scope for you there, and he made a few tweaks etc. to hook me up. also told me to bring back the Rem 597 cause they never did that for me.

Pics by iPhone 3GS...

What do you think and what can you tell me about it?


03-10-2010, 23:25
mORE pics from my iPhone 3GS ... brand new Savage Arms Mark II BXP .22LR from Dick's Sporting Goods.... with Bushnell 3-9 x 40 and basic camo sling...

03-11-2010, 01:22
Nice, but that's not a laminate stock.

03-11-2010, 01:43
Nice, but that's not a laminate stock.

Sorry I was going by this : AK -Adjustable Muzzle Brake *
B -Laminate Stock *
C -Clip (Detachable Box Mag.) *
F -Synthetic Stock *
G -Hardwood Stock *
L -Left Hand *
LE -Law Enforcement *
ML -Muzzleloader *
*NS -No Sights *
P -Police *
SE -Safari Express *
SS -Stainless Steel *
U -Ultra High Lustre *
V -Long Range (Heavy Barrel) *
XP -Package Gun *
Y -Youth *
Link to codes are posted above right of pics on Savage's site

Found on google. If it's not laminate what is? Real wood hopefuly? Please hopfully not wood looking plastic ? Thanks for the help and info. Anything I Need to know about it or savage?

03-11-2010, 17:55
Bump, anyone want to provide me some wisdom about this new addition to my collection please and thank you?

Rooster Rugburn
03-12-2010, 11:27
I got the same rifle at Dicks. I didn't understand the BXP label either, unless Dicks just labeled it wrong, which is my guess.

It's a nice little rifle for the money. I don't have but a few hundred rounds through mine, but it's accurate with most ammo.

There is a trigger mod to make the trigger better. It basically consists of loosing the trigger assy screws and sliding a shim under it. Some people have used feeler gauges cut down, but I used a piece cut from an aluminum can folded over 5 times. You can see in the big pic, the posters used what looks to be brass or copper. It's directly above the red dot, as I pointed out to another guy.

Here is a link to the last page in the stickied thread titled "Savage Trigger Shim" at RFC.

The thread is old enough that at the beginning of the thread, the trigger assy was different. That large pic on the last page is identical to mine, and probably yours. You can scan through for more details. It doesn't take 30 minutes to do it and makes a significant difference.

It's personal preference, but I took a Dremel to the right edge, and right\bottom point of the trigger. It was uncomfortable for me and a little chamfer on the corner and point made a quite a difference in my comfort level. It's a sweet little trigger now.

Rooster Rugburn
03-12-2010, 11:33
A laminated stock looks like this:

They make those by gluing layers of wood together under pressure, then cutting the stock from the glued stock. Like plywood. They turn the grain of the wood from layer to layer and it helps with strength, and supposedly reaction to weather and elements. When you add the layers in colors, you get a cool effect.

03-13-2010, 10:27
I got on with the synthetic black stock. havnt put a scope on it yet. But i like to shoot open sights anyway so I may be stalling. Great gun, very accurate, not a single issue with mine. Did you get yours with the accutrigger ?

03-14-2010, 21:54
Thanks all! I am thinkiing about just calling Dick's and Savage HQ and keep pestering info on what the model is.

Mine is NOT Accutrigger and Not the heavy barrel... I read on some google links that some shooters prefer the Mark II in the non-heaVy barrel, some claim it improves accuracy.. Also came with a Bushnell scope, and I agree it's not ALL that ,but as much as I love my Remington 597 from Dick's as well, the scope on this Savage is way nicer than the "Remington" scope... I'm satisfied with it to leave it, but I will probably like to buy a new scope for the Remington (maybe one of those $200-$300 Leupold jobs?) ...

Anyway thanks to everyone, please feel free to continue to add info/tips/wisdom I can definitely use all the info I can get. -Scrap.

Twisted Steel
03-14-2010, 22:11
If yours came with the scope, the XP is "package gun". Package being gun with scope.

As for the model, you have the Mark II. If you need more I would call it a GXP. Hardwood stock, package gun.