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03-11-2010, 16:38
Just looking to see if anyone had chrono'd these.

Blue Dot
G29SF (Stock barrel)

10 - 12g powder 0.5g steps.

I'm trying it today and will have a look at the brass bulging after 5 rounds each step.

If anyone has any chronographed speeds of these loads, please post them. Thanks!

03-11-2010, 21:26
At 12 you should see 1270 give or take but working these up is advisable...

I stopped at 11.0 grains of Blue Dot with my 165 gr Remington Golden Sabers @ 1240fps great performance even though more could be had. BTW I work with 0.1 & 0.2gr incriments as I get nearer the upper end.

Best regards

03-12-2010, 09:38
Thanks, The_Shadow. I have loaded (5) each of (5) rounds; 10.0g, 10.5g, 11.0g, 11.5g, and 12.0g. Max is 12.8g (per Hornady's #s), but My G29 doesn't have a fully supported barrel (e.g. it's stock), so I'll be interested to see where we're at around the 11.5g mark. Testing the loads today for precision, accuracy and brass abuse.

These are new "top brass" cases. Using remington # 2 1/2s for primers (the only LPP I could find at the store the last time I shopped for them.

I just need the sun to go up a little bit in the sky so I'm not blinded when I shoot. :supergrin:

03-12-2010, 13:39
O.K., best load for precision based on my observation was 11.0 grains.

10.0-11.5 were good & 11.0 was a tight group - 11.5 was better. 10.5 was a little high, right and a tad bit spread out - 12.0 was a tad hot and just did not group for me.

No signs of overpressure. Everything seemed to work well.

I'm loading all the rest of these 155g to 11.0 gr. blue dot.

03-13-2010, 17:37
This is not the exact data that you are looking for, but it is a data point that may be worth browsing.

Firearm: G20 w/ Wolff 22# spring
Temp: 40 F
Projectile: 155 XTP
Powder: 12.8 gr Blue Dot (Hornady max is 12.9) hand weighed
Primer: CCI 300
Brass: new Starline
COL: 1.25"

10 shot string
average velocity: 1394 fps
std dev: 33
min: 1353
max: 1438

I get good groups from these, with medium-high perceived recoil. They feed fine too. I worked up to this charge slowly. My case inspection and measurements indicate that these are approaching max pressure, if not at max (that is consistent with Hornady data). I will not take them any higher. I don't know if one gains much in the way of terminal ballistics at these velocities so my next batches will be reduced a bit. Reduce and work up slowly.

It sounds like you've found a load combo that works well in your firearm.

03-13-2010, 17:48
Kegs, It just goes to show you more powder/velocity doesn't yield better accuracy in most cases and can be gun specific. Thanks for posting your results.